Light of the World Cathedral

The Korle-Gonno Cathedral holds important spiritual and historical significance to the worldwide Lighthouse fraternity. From April 1993 through to December 2005, it served as the denomination’s first cathedral, and more importantly, as the headquarters of the Lighthouse Chapel International(LCI). The founding bishop, Dag Heward-Mills, pastored the church that met at the cathedral. This congregation moved to the Qodesh in January 2006, as part of the relocation of the denomination’s International head quarters.
In December 2007, a decision was taken to have a new congregation at the Korle-Gonno Cathedral. LCI, Mataheko (a suburb of Accra) that was pastored by Rev Dr. Edwin Morgan Ogoe was relocated to the Korle- Gonno Cathedral.
In April 2008, Rev Dr. Emmanuel Louis Nterful (now Bishop) became the pastor of the congregation at the Korle Gonno Cathedral. He had been transferred from the LCI, Sakumono. Prior to assuming the leadership of the Korle Gonno Cathedral, Rev. Nterful had pioneered and pastored seven different LCI Churches within the Accra-Tema Metropolis.
On the 8th of June 2010, Rev Nterful was consecrated a Bishop. Together with his affable wife, Paula Danielle, they continue to pastor the Light of the World Cathedral.
The Korle-Gonno Cathedral was christened Light of the World Cathedral in 2010. By the grace of God, the Cathedral now has a vibrant, charismatic church with over two thousand people attending on Sundays.
To God be the Glory!